Want to Talk Live?

Hey everyone! I’m trying a new thing: a live Zoom chat for subscribers to my newsletter. I’m still writing just a bit about the farm life, so if you try it out and it’s not quite the right fit, please unsubscribe with no offense taken by me!

My first live chat (let’s talk cheese, goats, off-grid living, and/or book writing) is February 19, 2023 from 9-9:30 Pacific Time. If you’d like to join, subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll send you a link to the meeting. Send me your questions ahead of time to be first in line. If I get too many folks, I’ll add another time.

My current plan is have these little chats monthly, but it’s an experiment, so we shall see!

4 thoughts on “Want to Talk Live?

  1. Hello! I inadvertently deleted your initial email with the link to sign up for the invite so would you please set me up with your Zoom invite?
    I read as many books/resources about goats as I could find before buying my first bred does to start my own little herd. Your book on holistic care was one of the few worth purchasing and I’ve since recommended it to others and referred to it frequently over the past few years. It’s AMAZING! Thank you! I’m curious if you’ve tried extending lactation for multiple years and if so, have you been successful? I’d love some tips and/or guidance to ensure my does are not being asked to give more than they should produce. I’ve got Nigerian Dwarfs and am just starting into my third year of milking one of my does. I only milk her once a day and she’s done pretty good for maintaining her pound (plus) of milk per day. I will likely dry her off for a break this summer and breed her next fall. I will have a couple first fresheners (2 years old) due soon so was wondering if maybe it’s best for the new mamas to just get the hang of being a mom and get accustomed to being milked before trying to extend their lactation? Would allowing them to mature another year be less taxing on them (assuming nutrition is always met and kidding is successful)? It would be nice to have the option to alternate does every couple of years to give everyone a rest and not have to make hard decisions every year about what to do with all the the cute little “byproducts” of having a dairy herd. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Zoey! I’ll keep your notes for the chat. I don’t have your email via comments, so if you want to sign up for the newsletter just go back to my website and look at the menu. Then I’ll have your email and can send you the Zoom link. I have you in place for your topics, though! Best, Gianaclis

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