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Hey everyone! I’m trying a new thing: a live Zoom chat for subscribers to my newsletter. I’m still writing just a bit about the farm life, so if you try it out and it’s not quite the right fit, please unsubscribe with no offense taken by me! My first live chat (let’s talk cheese, goats,…


A quick post to let you all know that with changes at our farm, in our personal lives (still happily married, but now caregiving for three 80-pushing-90 year old parents), and my switch to writing fiction (yes, you heard it here) I am unlikely to be doing many new blog posts on farmy-cheesy topics. But…

Wild Dairy Fermentation

Excerpt from my article for Fermentation Magazine, access the full article here. Long before packets of freeze-dried cultures for milk existed, there were dairy ferments. Cheese, yogurt, and kefir are probably second only to beer in the pantheon of fermented foods. However, in the modern world, 100 percent wild fermentation in dairy products is rare.…


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I’m the author of a half dozen books on dairy, cheese, and animal care topics. My posts here are meant to augment the content of my books. I hope you enjoy! Please search the archives for more.

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