Homemade Yogurt and Kefir

224 pages, full color, paperback and ebook. Storey Publishing, 2020

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“Caldwell gives thorough, detailed directions, and full-color photographs show both finished products and important steps along the way. This is a practical addition to any cookery collection, especially with the growing trend toward self-sufficiency.” — Booklist, starred review 

“This is a great guide to fermenting milk as well as various plant-based milks. Gianaclis Caldwell is experienced and knowledgeable, and presents information clearly, making the processes very approachable. What a wonderful contribution to the growing literature of do-it-yourself fermentation.”  — Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation

Holistic Goat Care

368 pages, full color, hardback. Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 2017

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Holistic Goat Care is an excellent resource for raising healthy goats. Gianaclis Caldwell stresses the importance of preventative medicine, which is a critical aspect of raising goats. The information in this well-written book will be very beneficial for beginners, agriculture-oriented students, veterinary students, and veterinarians. The author stresses the importance of early recognition of conditions and diseases. She also discusses treatment through conventional medicine and alternative or integrative medicine, as well as the use of complementary therapies such as herbal and homeopathic if needed. All sixteen chapters are very informative, and the text is referenced to excellent resources in goat medicine. I believe this book will be an excellent source of information in raising goats.”—Lionel J. Dawson, BVSc, MS, DACT, professor, Center of Veterinary Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University

Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking

368 pages, full color, paperback, ebook. Chelsea Green Publishing 2012

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  • 2013 New England Book Show Award, Professional – Illustrated Category
  • 2013 New York Book Show Awards, Scholarly Category
  • 2013 ForeWord Magazine Book of Year: Gold Winner for Reference
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals Finalist

“The first point to make is that this oversize book is stunningly presented, with easy-on-the-eye text, helpfully broken up by subject headings, several on a page. And the photographic illustrations are in rich color and with clear detailing that makes the close-up shots comfortable on the eye as well. This handbook is for readers serious in their interest in and pursuit of home cheesemaking. With authority and clarity, the author delves deeply into the subject, explaining all the scientific aspects of the processes involved (in her words, ‘the beautiful interplay of science and art that goes into creating truly great cheeses’), including measuring acid development, aging cheese, adding flavors to cheese, and thinking about various ideas for equipment and work space. Part two is, as the author indicates, where the fun begins. Recipes are offered and explained in very easy terms. A complete package.” Booklist Review

Mastering Basic Cheesemaking

160 pages, full color, paperback, ebook. New Society Publishers, 2016

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If only I’d known…” words that kept repeating in my mind as I read Mastering Basic Cheesemaking. This is the book I longed for years ago when I embarked on my own cheesemaking journey. Not just another how-to, this beginner’s book is designed to teach. The reader is seamlessly led through a progression of recipes intended to bring about a true understanding of what is happening in the vat. This book is all about success! I love it.
— KIRSTEN K. SHOCKEY, author of Fermented Vegetables; Spicy Ferements; Natto, Miso, and Tempeh; and more

The Small Scale Dairy

232 pages, full color, paperback. Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014

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“Many an urban or suburban dweller has dreamed about producing milk that comes not from a bottle but from one’s own animal, be it cow, goat, or sheep. Launching such an operation may daunt, but, as Caldwell details, it’s far from an impossible challenge given the proper resources, knowledge, and pluck. Even a few animals can produce enough milk daily to bottle one’s own, or process it into salable secondary products such as cheese or yogurt. Selecting, feeding, and sheltering dairy animals are complex processes to get actual milking underway. Local and national governments closely regulate production and distribution of dairy products with an eye to protecting the public from all manner of transmittable diseases. Learning about these regulations and regional variances is critical to commercial viability. With burgeoning interest in locavorism, this book may prove to have a much larger audience than one might anticipate.” Booklist Review

The Small-Scale Cheese Business

256 pages, full color, paperback. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014

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“Where there’s a will, there’s a ‘whey.’ For both the dreamer and those who’ve already set their sights on the beauty of being a cheesemaker, here is all the information to get started in business and survive. Caldwell’s first-hand knowledge takes the reader from their fledgling idea to selling their finished product, and is presented in an easy-to-understand format. Watch out—you may start a venture that just might succeed! This is a brilliant how-to guide, and just what us stewards and entrepreneurs need during a time when our farmland must be saved.”–Ricki Carroll, author Home Cheesemaking

The Farmstead Creamery Advisor

256 pages, full color, paperback Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010


This is the same book as Small-Scale Cheese Business, but republished (not a new edition) with new title in 2014. See above links.