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BECOMING ARAMINTA (76,000) THIS TENDER LAND meets THE HUNGAR GAMES. A hopeful dystopian adult novel drawn from historical facts with themes of found family, environmental justice, and identity struggles.

A quest for freedom. A battle for honor. In an America that could have been, two women’s lives are set on a collision course that could change history—and will change them.

In the United States of the Atlantic, twenty-three-year-old Ruby Roth feels like an impostor. An empath hiding her abilities, an orphan with a mysterious past, and a life consigned to the mega poultry industry, she didn’t think life could get worse. That is until her dying grandmother is ordered into a home and Ruby to marry a man she doesn’t love. A secret network, offers to smuggle Ruby into the west, but to become who she’s meant to be, she’ll have to choose between security and peril; love and liberty.

Along the Appalachian Mountain border, Republic of North America border guard Kaileh Lewis serves in the shadow of her slain brother and the torment of her own ideals. When she’s partnered with Onas, the man she blames for her brother’s death, to fight the growing threat at the border, she’s forced to face her worst fears. As she uncovers the truth of her brother’s past, she comes face to face with the enemy, but it’s not who she thought it was.

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GHOST THERAPY, 80,000 words. Fantasy

Group therapy can tough—being dead, doesn’t make it any different.

An accidental overdose transports 17-year-old Lelia into an inexplicable afterlife—neither heaven nor hell—dubbed The Between. She’s trapped there with a handful of other souls, including Suzie, a middle-aged actress; two once well-known women from history; and Karim, a boy her own age. When they’re all ordered to attend art therapy, there’s just one catch, the therapist is Suzie, who, you guessed it, played one on TV.

Under the deep ebony sky of the Between, where everything is seen as if a vibrant, color-saturated filter has been applied, and mysterious, never-remembered beings seem to be in charge, the five struggle to come to terms with why they’ve been forced together. Eventually they’ll discover the surprising ways they are all connected, that one of them doesn’t belong, and happen to create a piece of art that will link them for eternity.