Consultations and Apprenticeships

I am available for private consultations either in person or over the phone. Another option is hosting me for a class at your farm or facility.

Consultation Rates and Options

Private visit to your farm or creamery. Can include nudging and improving recipes, make process, affinage, etc. Email for costs, but around 450.00 (half day)-600.00 (full day) plus costs. Consultation, floor plan development, etc. (phone, email, on site) 3 hour minimum, 100.00 per hour (as of Jan 1, 2019)

Recommendations and References

“Gianaclis came out to our farm in Washington to help us with our initial facilities planning and to provide some in-depth pointers on cheesemaking. She was deeply knowledgeable on herd management, facilities design, food safety, and of course cheesemaking. She spent a lot of time listening and helped us refine our approach in several areas. Most notably in our facilities design, she actually drew a rather detailed floor plan for our creamery that was quite a departure from what I had in my head. Her plan will end up saving us tens of thousands on construction utilizing more of the existing work and reducing waste. I cannot recommend her enough. I find that spending a little on her very reasonable consultation fee for a day or two is a must have for any creamery at all stages of development that will net far more in savings. She is easy to talk to, and despite her wealth of knowledge very down to earth about making cheese and milking animals, which I found deeply refreshing. My wife and I are so grateful to have had her help and look forward to more in the future as we continue forward in our plans.” Seth M, Duvall, Washington
Grey Bottega Farms & Creamery

“In October 2012, my friend Tammy and I went to Pholia farm for the two day training course that Gianaclis offers. From meeting us at the airport, to dinner on our last night, Gianaclis and her husband Vern were open and welcoming. At the time of our visit, our dairy and creamery had not been completed. Gianaclis spent several hours talking it over with us and thinking of ways to improve our floor-plan and design. She showed us how to think of things in terms of milk flow, and offered many great suggestions of how to organize the space we have. As the cheesemaker, I am most grateful for Gianaclis’ suggestion to put windows in our make room. It was something I hadn’t thought of, and I would really be regretting it now if not for her. Gianaclis is a pleasure to learn from. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. There is so much to be learned from her, and she is happy to share her knowledge. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone starting a creamery, or already running one!” Kat Tsomo, White Lotus Farmstead Creamery, Ann Arbor, Mi

“I met Gianaclis at the Mother Earth News Fair where she was giving an informational lecture on the development of Pholia Farm.  Gianaclis showed such compassion for her animals.  Gianaclis and Vern had not only built Pholia to produce delicious, award winning cheeses, but to be self sustaining – the operation is fueled by the sun, and they are not tied to the grid.

After the lecture, I tore through The Farmstead Creamery  and read through Pholia’s website noting Gianaclis offered cheese making classes and even “goat school”.  There’s nothing like full-sensory experience.  So, I sent Gianaclis an email explaining my vision for our small slice of land, the barriers (work, flight schedules etc) present that precluded my participation in her formal course offerings, and the idea that I might come for a week to shadow her and participate in farmstead activities.

I spent 10 days at Pholia and left with a smile on my face and a head full of ideas.  Although the time was short, the exposure laid the foundation needed to become a conscientious steward of the environment, farm production, and animals in my care.  Our days began at 6AM with a cup of coffee.  We hit the barn to feed does, bottle feed babies, milk, and muck.  I received the 101 training in kidding (complications, procedures), tatooing, disbudding, vaccinating, feeding, and observation, as well as barn layout, milking equipment, etc.  Cheesemaking!  What fun!

Gianaclis and Vern were kind hosts and excellent instructors.  On farm accommodations were cozy and private.  I loved my time at Pholia and highly recommend to anyone interested in raising goats, making cheese, or sustainable living off the grid.”

Stacy Kidd, Freeland, Maryland


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