I do a limited number of consultations. I will do my best to help you, but do not have much extra time. I respond quickly to emails, even if I have to decline, so go ahead and reach out!

I have worked with many small-medium sized producers across the US to help design new production facilities, refine an existing floor plan, or address production challenges (such as flow, food safety, and increasing efficiency). I also work with a number of cheesemakers on a regular basis to provide trouble shooting for products and more. I am available for these private consultations either in person or over the phone. Another option is hosting me for a class at your farm or facility.

Consultation Rates and Options

Private visit to your farm or creamery. Can include nudging and improving recipes, make process, affinage, etc. Email for costs, but around 500.00 (half day)-800.00 (full day) plus costs.

Email/phone/skype type: Consultation, floor plan development, etc. 2 hour minimum, 100.00 per hour (as of Jan 1, 2021)

I am typically scheduled out for a few months ahead. Some times of the year (kidding season and if I have a book deadline looming) I am unable to take new clients.

Please see recommendations page

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a fun job for me and one that I take pride in doing well. With the right input from you, I can usually create a highly functional floor plan for your new project or for a rebuild that addresses modern food safety issues as well as small-production realities. 200.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

I do not create blue prints, however, but a solid plan for your architect to work from.

2 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. Hello, We have a small goat(40) & sheep(20) start-up dairy. We are now moving and will be building a new barn and would like to set-up consultation and floor plans. How can we get started with you?

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