Speaking Topics

With the coronavirus has come many changes. My speaking events off of the farm are almost all cancelled for the foreseeable future. We will be holding on-farm classes (a limited number with a limited number of students) in 2021 and I may accept invitations to teach a few private, off-farm classes.


Gianaclis is available to teach and speak on a variety of subjects, either hands-on or for large groups. The following lists are just examples and other subjects and customized sessions are easy to accomodate.

Advanced Cheesemaking

Acid Control and Buffering During Cheesemaking

The Art and Science of Affinage

Bloomy and Soft-ripened Cheeses

Goat Milk Hard Cheeses – Improving Texture through Process

Mastering Pasta Filata Cheeses

Basic Cheesemaking

Acid Control and Buffering During Cheesemaking

Mozzarella and and Burrata

Easy Aging of Cheese at Home

Fabulous Feta

Acid Control and Buffering During Cheesemaking

Yogurt and Probiotic Fermented Milks

Small-Scale Dairy Topics (cow, goat, and sheep)

Dairy Hygiene

Udder Health

Managing the Herd for Milk Quality

Raw Milk Realities

Setting up a Small-Scale Commercial Dairy and/or Creamery

Goat Husbandry

Goat Psychology

Goat Anatomy and Physiology (can include real dissection)

Doing your own Field Necropsy

Feeding Naturally – Browse, garden crops, and free-choice individual mineral

Troubleshooting Health Issues

Goat Midwifery