Preliminary Assessment FlowChart for Future Farmstead Creameries

Here is another flow chart I created that will walk you through the many considerations you should face before deciding to build a farmstead or artisan cheesemaking business. The red boxes signify a step at which you should stop and assess several factors for suitability, costs, and possible income. If you follow this path, you should collect enough data and information to create a business plan.  From there you can decide for yourself if your plan has merit.

Flow chart for Assessing suitability for building a cheese business

2 thoughts on “Preliminary Assessment FlowChart for Future Farmstead Creameries

  1. Greetings,

    I just ordered a copy of your book “mastering Artisan Cheesemaking”. Although, as a hobbyist I’ve been making a variety of cheeses for a number of years using Ricki’s popular book, I recently took to it more seriously and also bought 2 additional books by a Debra Amrein-Boyes, and another by Mary Karlin. I was excited to find a number of write-ups on your book, claiming that it provides a more, in-depth and technical explanation of the cheese making science/process. As an old engineer (electrical), I look forward to receiving it shortly and hopefully find answers to many questions I often have, which are not answered by these other books.

    Thank you

    p.s. – Do you have any kind of forum where you answer tech. type questions?

    • Hi Simon, Well, I hope it meets your needs! While I hope the book answers all of your questions, if it does not feel free to message me on my Facebook page, if you are okay with that route. You do have to “like” me first, though…

      Thanks, oh, you can also email me at gianaclis @ (no spaces) I do try to get back to people, but get a lot of emails for our business, so it might take me a bit.

      Thanks! Gianaclis Pholia Farm Creamery, LLC Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats Rogue River, Oregon


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